Our Ethos 

In Loco Parentis 
As parents ourselves we know that it is important to feel confident with the adults that organise the educational trips for your child. We treat every child as if they were our own. 24-hour care and attention, with no detail missed. 

Health & Safety 
A safe child is a happy child. Our Health & Safety standards are second to none and are completely in line with European/British/DFES guidelines. Everything has been prepared so that your child has a safe & happy experience. 

For the latest travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office click here.

We want your child to learn and grow from the whole experience. Spanish is a wonderful and useful language to learn. Equally to understand and learn about the Culture, Art, History, Geography, Sport, Leisure and of course the lovely Food, this is where we really come into our own. Our local knowledge allows every child to experience and enjoy the 'WOW FACTOR' of this area. Which is not something that you can read in a book. We do support our knowledge with interesting and challenging worksheets. Our folders are designed for every child and for workshops. 

Special Requirements 
Every child needs individual attention. Some children may need a little more care & attention than others. ...Regular medication, allergies, diabetics, special diets, etc. None of these cause the slightest problem to our organisation. 

We welcome all children!

Top of the range chalets, which have been designed for comfort and safety. 
Facilities include a kitchen with fridge, shower and separate toilet. Comfortable beds in 2/3 bedrooms. Air con or heating (depending on time of year) with remote control to alter temperature immediately. The chalets have double-glazed lockable windows and door. 
At night, when the children are settled they will lock the chalet and close the windows for safety. (Air con on if required). We hold a 'Master Key' so that if an accompanying adult/teacher needs to open a chalet to attend to the needs of any child, they may do so, with our support and back up. All the chalets are together in a line with the teacher's chalets topping & tailing the group. We reside at the very end of this line for 24-hour assistant and support. 

We understand that not all children with relish tucking into Paella or Squid! For this reason we offer a menu which suits the children’s needs but also encourages them to try new things, developing their taste buds. 


Bread Rolls, Croissant, Jam, Butter, Ham & Cheese, Orange Juice, Chocolate Drink & Water. 

Picnic Box each containing: Large Sandwich, Crisps, Apple, Yogurt, Fanta/Coke & Water. 

A three-course meal with soft drinks, designed to encourage healthy eating. 
We also offer a selection of vegetarian meals. 

We eat our meals in our own private function room within the Mas Roque restaurant. This allows us privacy and comfort. 

The Experience of a Lifetime! 

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the 'WOW FACTOR'. This can only be achieved with the enthusiasm of the children and dedication of the teachers. We want every child to remember their Spanish Star experience with a smile, Health & Safety is our priority but we equally want the children to have bags of fun. 

To Suit All Ages 

Our groups range from 8 years of age to 18 years of age and for that reason we feel it is imperative that we design the itinerary & activities to suit each individual group. 

Activities Include 

Swimming, Aqua Gym, Water Polo, Football, Netball, Rugby, Basketball, 
Ping-Pong, Bowls & Volleyball. 

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